Live the music, meet your wireless earbuds


The S3X TWR earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 and powerbank dock. You can enjoy now an enhaced truly wireless stereo area without worries about both earbuds or phone's power level. The dock is a Power Bank so you can recharge their batteries.

Your S3X will auto-pair with your phone from first time without manual configuration as well as you will notice about the "Zero Latency".

Ivante has developed its best product ever, that allows you to hear a voice call by truly wireless stereo (TWS) by both of the earphones.

Ivante S3X True Wireless Earbuds

TWS Bluetooth 5.0

The new specification quadruples the wireless range, doubles speed, and increases the bandwidth. And your S3X Earphones will auto-pair from first use.



True Wireless Earbuds

(True Wireless Stereo) technology allows us to play true right&left channels without the need of any wire between your Ivante Earbuds.


Ivante S3X TWS True Wireless Stereo

Power Bank 1800mAh

Our dock is in fact a power bank ready to recharge your S3X TWR Earbuds battery. But wait! Now your S3X's dock can also recharge your cell phone!


Ivante Earbuds - Docker Power Bank

Dual Voice & Zero Latency

While a phone call, now you will hear the other person by both earphones. Also, Bluetooth 5.0 features "Zero Latency", no more delays while you are listening.



Ivante S3X TXR Earbuds are still hiding more secrets: