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How to choose TWS Earbuds – 3 reasons for Ivante S3X Bluetooth 5.0

After putting over 50 models through more than 20 hours of testing by our expert listening panel, we’ve chosen the Ivante TWS S3X Wireless Earbuds as the best set of Bluetooth earbuds for most people. We are sure about that it will be the hot selling item at Amazon in the following months.

There are 3 reasons for this earbuds wireless recommended.

1. It is with1800mAh power bank for earbuds and cell phone.

Usually, when we are enjoying music by headset outside, always worry about low battery for earbuds or cell phone. Let’s check how does the Ivante TWS S3X Wireless Earbuds solve this issue? It comes with a 1800mAh battery built-in ready to recharge earbuds battery or cell phone, you can enjoy an enhanced truly wireless stereo area without worries about both earbuds or phone’s power level. How about the other models in the market? all of them with small capacity charging case, it just can be as emergency use for earbuds, but not for cell phone.

2.Second reason is Music sounds fantastic, calls are clear to both the wearer and the caller, and the fit is comfortable. Plus, this pair is a fantastic value, with better performance and features than you can get from headphones that cost twice as much.

3. Last one is most important one, It is with latest Bluetooth version BT 5.0. What is difference between 4.2 and 5.0:

For BT 5.0, The transmission distance is faster and the distance is farther. Compared with the previous generation of bluetooth 4.2, bluetooth 5.0 has a longer transmission distance and faster speed. The theoretical effective distance is 300 meters, that is, the mobile devices in the whole family or the whole office can be stably connected. The fastest speed is up to 2 Mbps, making bluetooth devices with faster response and higher performance more likely to be used. In addition, it has greatly enhanced the data transmission of bluetooth broadcasting, which can bring better prospects for commercial bluetooth and make the internet of things application using bluetooth as a standard more powerful.


Bluetooth transmission Application changed by mesh Technology.
Bluetooth SIG recently announced the introduction of bluetooth mesh technology, which will break the traditional ” one-to-one” pairing between bluetooth devices and transform it into a ” many-to-many” signal transmission mode. besides bluetooth 5.0, it will also be extended to previous versions. The bluetooth SIG said that bluetooth mesh technology is a new network technology based on low-power consumption bluetooth technology, which will bring about changes to commercial and industrial equipment networks and also make the existing internet of things technology more complete and stable.

So we are sure about that it is the hot selling item on Amazon soon.

We’d like to share the usage to you also:


How to charge the bluetooth earbuds?


To Charge the Bluetooth headset:

1. Make sure the charging bin is full charged.

2.Please put the headset into the charging bin, The red indicator lights on, which means it is in charging.

3.When charging is finished the blue indicate light will be on 5s. The headset charging takes about 45 minutes


Please find the interfaces below:

  • Power Button
  • USB DC out
  • Android 5pin Charging port
  • Power Bank Indicator Light.

Tips: It is with 1800mAh battery inside. Can be used as power bank for earbuds and cell phones. Now you can enjoy your music outdoors without worries the power levels.


How to pair earbuds BT 5.0 with mobile phone:

1. Take out the headset.

Please firstly remove the headset from main body, then take out the “L” and “R” from charging bin, the headset will power on automatically. after 10 s, the “L” and “R” will finish paring automatically, then “L” will flash red and blue, “R” will light off.

2.Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, paring the Bluetooth “S3X”, after the paring finished, you can start.

If only one headset has sound, please delete the paring information and turn off mobile phone Bluetooth, when the headset power off, please long press the power button of “L” and “R” for 5 s until the flash red and blue. Wait for 5-10 s, “L” flash red and blue, “R” will light off. turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, search and paring “S3X” again.


Next time when you take out the headset from charging bin, it will pair your mobile phone automatically (just make sure mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on already)


The advantage: it is convenient to pair. Two earbuds can be paired automatically.



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Pentacore GPU and Dual WiFi

2GB RAM DDR3 - 16GB eMMC Storage